Environmental Conservation Educational Television Programs

in the Spring of 1996 AEF started producing its own television series,
R-Environment an ennvironmental, conservation education program. This programs also highlights AEF's various conservation improvement projects and allows participates to view the results of their labor in the popular media. R-Environment "the show about the environment that surrounds us" Is the only show currently airing that showcases people of all ages working together to participate in conservation projects. This television series is broadcast weekly throughout AEF's current project area reaching into over 5 million households in three states. R-Environment is also broadcast via streaming video to a world wide audience.

Coming Soon

We are working to reformat all the "R-Environment" programs (58) and "An Evening at Sunset Ranch" series. It takes reformatting to a format required by YouTube and other Vedio imaging online systems. We have posted what we have completed and will continue to post reformatted programs just as soon as they
are completed.

>> An Evening at Sunset Ranch

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